Sunday, March 30, 2014

Label Your Day

Label Your Day

I conquered the grocery store the other day. I put my labeling technique to use. I was pushing my empty cart up and down the aisles. I wasn’t even hungry (thank goodness…we all know you can’t go there when hungry). I’m trying to drink less soda (because I drink WAY TOO MUCH of it). I had no more in the house. So….when I came upon the soda aisle, I looked at my trusty friend (diet coke) and labeled him, “poison” (truth, Google it) and just walked right on by. (Talk about strength!)

Next was the cereal aisle. Not in need of any “gluten” today, thank you very much. Whew. Next challenge? Wine label. Easy peezee: “Bad. For. My. Skin.” It was at this moment that I had that “how proud am I?” moment. Feeling quite superhero-ish by now.

Have you ever noticed that the displays at the ends of the aisles are the worst? I have no problem with those powdered sugar donuts (unless they are in my pantry) or Oreos (have you ever heard where the fat for the yummy centers comes from?) but there’s still some things that are on my “gotta have it” list. I was pretending I was having to give up something, so I was trying to give up everything. That usually back fires on me but this day I got through it. I did pick up chocolate, though. There’s no other label for chocolate except “OhMyGoodnessHowYummyIsThis!!!

So labeling works! Let’s talk about Labeling Your Day. When you wake up in the morning, if you are anything like me, you know what needs the most attention that day, besides work, children and (always) laundry. Before your head is off of your pillow and your feet hit the floor, label your day with the items that you want to get done that day. I’m happy to report that today I got it ALL done. (And that never happens.) I labeled my day first thing this morning, “accomplishment.”  I had a list in the kitchen that I’d see while preparing breakfast so I knew what that would entail. You may have days where you just want to fly by the seat of your pants. I highly recommend labeling it, instead. Even if it’s to label your day as “play day, relax day, or peaceful day.” 

Maybe you have drawers that have been calling your name out for days or weeks. Clean and organize them but first label your day “organization.” Organize the drawers, emails, digital photos on the computer (including saving them to another form of back-up…we all know why), laundry day, errand day, pet care day (baths, toenails clipped). We all have a constant streaming to-do list running through our heads of things needing immediate attention. What is THE one thing (or two things) that you'd love to have done at day's end? Label your day as such.

When you label your day first thing, you will feel more motivated and have a sense of direction instantly. And once those items are taken care of and you meet yourself back at your pillow again later that night, you will feel accomplishedThat’s a pleasant feeling at the end of a day. Even if the house is still a mess and you forgot to schedule dental appointments once again, your goal has been met. Success! Make your day conquerable. And then go conquer it. ~~~Katherine A. Rayne~~~

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