Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today, do this...

February 15, 2014

Today, do this…

Today it’s weekend. We are all going in different directions to accomplish everything on our list or on our minds. Mindless to other people’s lives for a short time, only mindful of ours. It will all get done (or it won’t), but there’s many things that we can accomplish meanwhile. Jodi Foster once said during an interview that her mother told her to “always be kind” in life. Out of so many quotes and suggestions and advice over my years, that one always stays with me. I think it’s because it’s so easy to do. And to remember. If we wanted to define it in more words, the only ones I would use to further enhance it would be to say, “always help.” Help others, help the world, help yourself. That says so much in so little. Less is always more with me. Unless it has to do with kindness and helping. Then more is so much more.

So when you go out today, take your recyclable bags to the grocery store or even department stores and convenience stores and farmer’s markets. If you don’t have any, buy them today and use them. If you see someone in the grocery store parking lot finishing up with a cart, take it over for yourself and bring it into the store. If you see an upfront parking space and someone else is vying for the same one, pass it by and park elsewhere. Thirty more steps are good for you. You’ll be helping yourself and another at the same time.

When your child wants to show you something before you jump out of the car for yet another errand, stop and turn around and let them show you, instead of on the run. It’s a simple moment in time and I promise it won’t be wasted. Before you choose a gift for yet another birthday party, ask yourself if it is a gift that will make them feel good. Does it smell good (candles, flowers), taste good (their favorite food), sound good (music) or make good (crafts, something pretty to look at)? Make it “feel” good.

Another thing to do today is to think positively throughout your day. I love being a preschool teacher. I couldn’t list all the reasons here. But a habit you create within yourself while teaching children is to always be looking for the good. The positive actions, the kind behaviors and the kind words. You compliment them all day long on the good things you see them doing. When I leave school, I’m still doing it subconsciously and consciously. I drive away looking for blessings. The clear sky yesterday. The trees reaching into it. So when you have an opportunity to complain about the long lines or the crowded roads, look around while standing there and look for your blessings. Your cart full of blessings. Your healthy legs to stand. The fact that you are driving a car and not waiting at one of the bus stops. The laughter and silliness of your children while they pass the time. And always be that mom that not only tells her daughter to “always be kind,” but be the one that shows her how to do it.

The blessings travel right along with us all day long. See that and be that. All day long.  ~~Katherine A. Rayne~~ 

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